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Nepal SDGs Forum was established in 2016 as a common platform of thematic federations and networks, CSOs, I/NGOs, private sector, cooperatives, media, UN agencies, bilateral and multilateral development partners and major groups and stakeholders which aspire to contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Nepal SDGs Forum is the only civil society platform recognized by National Steering Committee, Thematic Committees as well as Nepal Government's institutional mechanisms set up for implementation of SDGs. Now, more than 50 federations and alliances and over 500 organizations from across the country are the members of this Forum. This Forum comprises of organizations which have taken their specific responsibilities as Conveners, Co-Conveners, and Major Groups. In addition to the designated Conveners and Co-conveners for each goals, Nepal SDGs Forum has formed the civil society Major Groups as well as cross-cutting or thematic areas that include:  Youth, Women, People with Disabilities, Senior Citizens, Children, Dalit, Indigenous Communities, LGBTIQ, Farmers, Development Partners, Cooperatives, Media, Trade Unions, Private Sectors, Science and Technology. As an open forum, Nepal SDGs Forum welcomes everyone interested in SDGs to join this forum.


Nepal SDGs Forum aims to accelerate, localize and contribute to achieving SDGs while guided by the principles of 'leaving on one behind', shared and sustained prosperity, and increased role and participation of civil society. It works in close coordination with National Planning Commission (NPC) and other state and non-state actors. By working under this Forum, various stakeholders aim to coordinate, collaborate and build synergy in influencing and impacting sustainable development. Although different organizations have their own priorities and actions, they come together under this Forum so as to impact and influence policy, coherence, harmonization as well as to create a common understanding and voice at the national and international level. They share their activities, lessons learned, priorities and way forward by meeting regularly.


NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN) facilitates in the functioning of Nepal SDGs Forum at central and province levels. Its secretariat is located at NFN at Buddhanagar, Kathmandu.