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Membership of NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN)

Qualification for membership

A non-governmental organization abiding by the Statute of NFN and having the following qualifications may be a member of this Federation.

(a)    An autonomous volunteer Non-Governmental social organization established as per the prevailing laws.

(b)   Having the general membership opened.

(c)    Having the executive committee based on direct and democratic election process.

(d)   An organization not distributing institutional income as a bonus for personal purpose.

(e)    Free from party and power politics.

(f)    Having the programmes and financial management transparent.

(g)   An organization committed for the progress, awareness and empowerment of poor and backward communities and groups.

(h)   The organizations having only the objectives relating to religious activities, business/cooperation, sports or recreation, vachanalaya (reading room) or library and the organizations/institutions, operated with communal and regional feelings and consumers' committees, trade unions and other occupational associations shall not be deemed eligible for the membership of the Federation, even if they are established as per the prevailing laws managing social organizations.


Members and Types of Membership

An organization desirous to be a member of the Federation and having the specified qualifications shall have to submit an application duly to the district branch. The district branch shall have to forward it along with recommendation directly or through the regional committee to the central committee for providing membership to such a qualified organization. The membership shall be granted after the endorsement of such a recommendation by the central committee. If any organization obtains the membership directly from the central committee, it shall have to provide the information thereof to the concerned region and district branch.

There shall be three types of membership in the Federation:

(a) General Member: Principal Nepali NGOs, having qualifications as specified above, to have duly obtained the membership.  

(b) Co-Member: The branches and sub-branches of Nepali NGOs, having qualifications as above, operating their branches and sub-branches in one district after having registered in another district.  

(c) Affiliated Member: The foreign donor organizations, supporting the Nepali NGOs affiliated with NGO Federation, from amongst International Non-Governmental Organizations operating in Nepal after receiving approval as per the prevailing laws.


Provisions for Membership

(a)    A non-governmental organization, desirous to be a member of the Federation and having the qualifications as above, shall have to submit an application to the central committee through the district branch. The district branch, after examining that whether or not it is appropriate to provide membership to the organization duly filling an application and meeting the requirements of qualifications, should send through regional committees directly to the central committee all details of the organization as per the format specified by the Federation along with recommendation for endorsement within a period of one month from date of submission of application. It shall not be deemed to have been a member until the authentic information of the endorsement by the central committee is received.

(b)   In a case where there is no district branch or ad-hoc committee in any district, an application should be submitted to the concerned regional committee office. By verifying whether or not the applications so received are in accordance with Statute, the regional committee shall have to send all details along with recommendation to the centre for ratification.

(c)    Notwithstanding anything contained in clauses (a) and (b) above, if the concerned district and regional committees are inactive or if any organization submits an application to the central office by showing an appropriate reason that it could not, owing to other reason, be affiliated even having branch in one's district and if the central committee, after considering it appropriate upon investigation, provides a membership, then the central committee will send the information of such a member-organization to the concerned region and district branches.


Membership Fees

Membership fees for the NGO Federation of Nepal shall be on the basis of financial transaction of the organization or as provisioned by NFN Statute.

Continuation of Membership and Renewal

(a)    Renewal should, along with organization renewal certificate and financial as well as performance progress report, be made by the Member-organizations in the district branch before the end of Poush (mid January) of each year.

(b)   If any organization could not make renewal within the said period of time, the renewal has to be made before the end of Ashad (mid July) of the same fiscal year by paying a fine of Rs. 100.

Termination of membership

In the following circumstances, an NGO member-organization shall be deemed not to be a member of the Federation. The disqualification of the NGOs shall be determined directly or on the recommendation of the district of the regional committee. However, such organizations shall not be deprived of an opportunity of defense.

(a)    If it is not pursuant to the criteria for the qualification of membership.

(b)   If the member NGO is dissolved.

(c)    If an accusation that the member NGO has acted financially and morally irrational tasks is proved.

(d)   If the Federation declares that it has not behaved pursuant to the Codes of Conduct of the Federation.